Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Introducing The Rudiment

Introducing The Rudiment, this is going to be an occasional series of long-form prose interviews with figures I come across on the cultural scene, speaking to them about their inspirations, experiences and practice, attempting to explore how they work and veering more towards practice and technique than general areas of interest.

The idea is that the interviewee will choose the circumstances of the interview; where it should take place, how long it will last and such like - although I've recommended that for adequate depth at least 45minutes to an hour should be allowed.  They will get a chance to fact-check and a right to reply.  They will also then undertake to connect me with someone else I can go to for a subsequent interview.

I'm hoping that these will build into a good wide-ranging selection of pieces, and not be confined to a particular area of the cultural landscape.  As well as writers, actors, directors, composers and musicians, I'm interested to see where this leads me.  I expect to make some exciting discoveries along the way.

I hope you enjoy them.  Please do share them around and any comments and discussions they provoke would be very interesting.

Thanks, mark

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